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Voice Acting
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Neumann TLM 103

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Adobe Audition 2022

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Preamp / Interface:
Apollo Twin

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Connect Live:
Zoom, Skype, Discord, Source-Connect 

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Robert Cossyleon is an actor who has been performing since he was 12 years old. From school plays and commercials, to animations and video games, he has learned various styles and techniques to perform both on mic and on stage. 

He would classify his normal speaking voice as a youthful, mid-ranged tenor, but is also extremely versatile, performing a wide range of characters.

With a BA in Acting and a minor in Voice Over, he has continued to learn all that he can, auditioning nonstop. You can hear his voice in many animated projects on YouTube, as well as independently produced video games.

With a fully equipped home studio, there is no stopping him from completing any kind of project. Using his hard working attitude and youthful, energetic voice, he always delivers an end result that satisfies both the client as well as himself.

If you're looking for someone who is fun to work with, has years of experience, and will deliver a high quality product in a timely fashion, then Robert's your guy! He's got your back!


Robert did an amazing job bringing the right amount of energy to the character. Excellent and

hilarious , knocked it out of the park. Very happy and I'll definitely be back for more!

Amazing experience with Robert! He is highly expressive and goes above and beyond for the delivery. Really appreciate it!

Rob went ABOVE and BEYOND! Exceptional service. I gave him a bunch of characters with insane/bizarre sounds that we needed from each and BOY DID HE DELIVER! Super enthusiastic, super communicative and what a great talent with a brilliant voice! Truly a pleasure and I will be back for more.

Another great experience with Robert! He did a great job with the delivery and gave us exactly what we were looking for. Look forward to continued work with him.

Jack Blackwell

Winnie Lim 

Marla Beyer

Zac Coleman

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  • Advice Animal Adventures - Brutal Skull - Cristopher Spirit B.

  • Scarbo: VR Chat - Scarbo - SunnyVRC  

  • Strawberry Hil - Eddie - Avery Purdy

  • National Geographic Learning - Rosie Media Company 

  • Lowe's Safe - Your Pal, Jack - Pallet Jack  - Zac Coleman

  • Around The Christmas Tree - Gingerbread Man, Christmas Puppy- Peekabook   

  • I Hate Cats - Cowboy - Chad Stewart 

  • Letterman: Detention Heroes - Villian Henchman - Kenneth Jackson

  • MiRRoR - HALO - by David B. Reddick 

  • Trouble In Little Asia - Detective Markis Xu -Ryan Chu

  • The Music Freaks - Zander - (Youtube) 

  • The Girl With The Guitar - Benji - Heaven Love 

  • 2030: The Future Of Our Nation - Aisha, Scientist, Announcer - Ian Minderman

  • Jet Mode - Episode 2 "Evening Of The Eclipse" - Raven - Action Toons 

  • I$$Y And The Lost Torch - Issy - Picturama Productions  

Video Game 



  • Gatewalkers - Fritz Wagner - A2 Softworks

  • Hideaway - Small tooth, Wonder Squid, Pip Bot - Jack Blackwell    

  • Rowan's Roundup - Cowboy, Rowdy Thoughts Monster - Andrew Jatau 

  • Encodya - Watching Drone, Policeman 2 - PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch

  • Witchslayer: Genesis - General Lucian - Christopher Gayle

  • Piggy Adventure - the Lost Empire - Dr.Piggy - DoubleU Games 

  • Juicy 7 Blast - Slot Machine - DoubleU Games  

  • ​Kingdom War - Archers in Archer Tower. Including Royal Sentinels (human) and Silvan Hunters (elves) - Fansipan Limited ​

  • Trucking Empire - Bobby The Truck Driver - Jolrancy Talley

  • Archone - Necromancer - Cassidy Lucas  




  • Always Pasta Season - We Are Social - Internet Promo Video  

  • HEARS Family Line - Internet Promo Video 

  • Broome Country: NYSERDA Residential - Commercial 




  • Deb Doetzer - Voice Over Business 101 Workshop 

  • Tim Frank - Voice Acting for Interactive Gaming 

  • Jeff Lupetin - Voice Acting for Animation 

  • Brad Grusnick - Gaming and Animation Workshop

  • Steve Blum - Voice Over Class

  • Donovan Weyland - Private VO Coaching 



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